Concerns over Male Enhancement Pills

Who could have imagined that taking male enhancement supplements would result in being cut from a professional basketball team!

This is exactly what happened to ex-Memphis Basketball player  Roburt Sallie when he was asked if he took any medication or supplements when playing for the CB Tarragona Team in Spain.

If you are not familiar with male enhancement pills, they are herbal or “natural” supplements which claim to improve the libido, sexual stamina and in some cases even penis size.

Roburt Sallie

In the case of Roburt Sallie, he was taking Extenze which causes a boost in testosterone in male and is also illegal in most pro sports. Similar to many performance-enhancement drugs, Extenze and other types of male enhancement pills have been known to give athletes an unfair advantage in the playing friend.

If you are taking male enhancement pills, or considering taking some make sure you become familiar with the product and know exactly what the ingredients are in them. If you are not too sure which are the safest, visit Pillar Health for complete reviews.